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Accident research Volkswagen Education and science

Volkswagen has been involved in road-accident research in China since 2005. In the first project of its kind conducted by an automobile manufacturer in China, Volkswagen has joined forces with Tongji University in Shanghai. The aim is to significantly improve safety on China’s roads by analysing road accidents and feeding the results into the ongoing development of active safety systems such as ABS and ESP.

Aiyou FAW-VW Audi Shanghai Babies’ Home Volkswagen Health

Since it was first set up in 2012, FAW-VW Audi has invested ¥10 million annually in programs to aid sick orphans. As at the end of 2016, the Aiyou FAW-VW Audi Shanghai Babies’ Home had received and cared for 1,061 children; 1,010 have regained their health and some have started new lives with adoptive families.

FAW-VW Audi has made use of various communication channels and forums to gather more support for the Babies’ Home, including the launch of a public platform. Over the past four years, FAW-VW Audi has not only held four anniversary events, but also 19 Open Days for members of the public, media representatives and employees. Guests included AVC members, Audi car owners, national media, Audi dealers and employees from Changchun, Chengdu and Foshan.

Bentley Education Program Bentley Education and science

In China, one of Bentley’s largest markets, the company has made a ten-year commitment to improving access to education for children from deprived backgrounds. From 2015 to 2017, Bentley will finance 500 under-privileged high-school students by establishing 10 Bentley Scholar Classes so they can complete their education. For students who continue their studies through university, Bentley will provide a further four years of education and fund living expenses for university education from 2018 to 2021.

In 2015, Bentley car owners and dealers join hands in poverty-stricken areas, encouraging the local high school students to pursue their dreams.

To continually supporting sponsored students’ education, Bentley have improved and enriched the program in 2016, “Bentley Education Program” has also incorporated other innovative forms such as students’ art exhibitions, commonweal salons and charity auctions to attracted and involved more car owners and members of the public to pay attention, participate and act. 

Child Care Volkswagen Health

SAIC VOLKSEAGEN cooperated with Shanghai Charity Foundation to initiate the project of children’s medical assistance, setting SAIC VOLKSWAGEN CHILD CARE CHILDREN’S MEDICAL ASSISTANCE FUND, donating RMB 1 million for treating and curing children suffering serious diseases such as epilepsy, autistic disorder, congenital heart disease, etc. Over 100 children will be benefitted from the first batch of donation.

China Child Road Safety Experience Center Volkswagen Traffic education

The Volkswagen Child Safety Initiative (CSI) is a large-scale, long-term corporate social responsibility (CSR) program focusing on child road safety education. CSI aims to improve public understanding of the importance of child road safety, and to increase children’s awareness of road safety. The project partner is China Women’s Development Foundation (CWDF).

The VGC Child Road Safety Experience Center is the first community-based child road safety education/experience center project lead by an automobile company in China. The centers are designed to provide long-term education and communication on child road safety. Also, connections between Experience Centers and local kindergartens and schools are made to benefit more children and families.

VGC is committed to building 13 Child Road Safety Experience Centers by the end of 2017 to benefit more communities and families. Eight Experience Centers had been built in 2016, and five more centers will be built in 2017. By end of 2016, 708 theme activities were conducted and supported by 754 volunteers, directly benefiting 72,492 people.

Continuous support towards DUT student on Formula Racing ŠKODA Regional support

ŠKODA continues to sponsor DUT ŠKODA Linghun Team to compete in the Formula Student China 2016. ŠKODA started cooperation with the DUT ŠKODA Linghun Team from 2013, which is more than a simple sponsorship. With extensive experience and expertise in the automotive manufacturing sector, ŠKODA hopes to develop more outstanding talents in the automotive sector through in-depth cooperation with DUT in education, scientific research and manufacturing sector.    

Cooperation with Xinjiang Conservatory of Music and Shenyang/Dalian Conservatory of Music Volkswagen Culture and arts

To continue to support culture and arts in China, in 2016, Volkswagen Group China organized a series culture and arts activities in China:

  • “VW Cultural Nights” concert series of VW Classic Night, VW Jazz Night, Pop meets Classic, the Clarinet Poet on the Silk Road and etc.
  • Dongbei and Urumqi Chamber Music Festival
  • Urumqi Jazz Festival
  • Innovative music forms (Serenades, matinee, first showings…)
  • “Factory meets classic” at VW ATD made strong PR effect and dissemination, which received very positive media feedback: “commitment towards Factory Culture development, Workplace harmony and employee wellbeing” respectively “a cultural feast that shows highest respect to the employees”
  • VW – Big Band
  • “VW Cultural Ambassador Program” with an international exchange, concerts and masterclasses from top artists.
CSI Design Thinking Innovation Volkswagen Others

As an innovative tool, Design Thinking was introduced to the Experience Centers to update and develop creative courses for Experience Centers. Four groups of students and 3 coaches from the Communication University of China worked for 4 months, and 4 sets of innovative activity plans were developed and will be used by Experience Centers to improve Experience Centers’ engagement with children and their families.

CSI Safety School Bag Donation Volkswagen Traffic education

In 2016, VGC donated 1 Million RMB of safety bags to support road safety of children in rural areas.  VGC, working with China Women`s Development Foundation (CWDF), started VGC Child Safety School Bag Action in Henan, Anhui & Sichuan Province. 10,000 safety bags were delivered to local school students which provided the children with key protection during disaster and accident.

Employees Help Visually Impaired Children Volkswagen Voluntary work

Volunteers from Volkswagen Group China’s workforce attended the launch of “A Brighter Path”, a program to support children with visual impairments, run by the organization Bethel. Activities such as Christmas Concert, shoebox donation were organized for those visually impaired orphans.

Environmental Education Program Volkswagen Environmental protection

The environmental problem is one of the most serious challenges in China, and environmental education is the basis of securing environmental protection in future. At present, the Chinese environmental education is still facing lack of professional educators and lack of technical resources.

To support the Chinese environmental education and contribute to environmental protection in China, Volkswagen Group China (VGC) cooperated with China Environmental Protection Foundation (CEPF) of Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) and established “China Environmental Protection Foundation –Volkswagen Group China Environmental Education Fund” by donating RMB 10 million. In June 2016, VGC and CEPF signed agreement witnessed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in Beijing. At this stage, the fund will mainly support “1,000 Environment-Friendly Teacher Ambassadors Action Program– Sowing for a Green Future”, which is initiated, managed and executed by the Center for Environmental Education and Communication (CEEC) of MEP.


The program is designed for at least 3 years, from 2016 to 2019. By training teachers from primary, middle and high schools while encouraging the trained teachers to ultimately teach their students, the program aims to cover hundreds of thousands of students. The 3-year program is divided into three phases: Year of Education, Year of Innovation and Year of Change. Firstly, the program will train at least 1,000 teachers nationwide each year on environmental issues and environmental education methods, enabling them to develop tailored curriculum; secondly, the students will receive extending environmental education and eco-planning skills, empowering them to create innovative idea solving environmental hot issues; thirdly, the students will put idea into practice and make an impact in their schools and communities.


After half-year implementation, 4 training brochures were developed, including Environmental Education Teaching Method, Environmental Element (Soil, Water and Air), Energy & Climate Change, as well as Biodiversity, which provide useful tool for training and self-learning. Meanwhile, 2 trainings were organized in Beijing & Yunnan province in 2016 and 165 teachers participated, receiving comprehensive knowledge and practical skills.

To strengthen teachers’ capacity and make preparation for influencing student, Environmental Education Curriculum Contest was organized during October and November. More than 3,000 teachers submitted curriculums on environment education and 45 were awarded as outstanding curriculums. Subsequently, Sino-German Environmental Education Exchange was held on 5th December 2016, both Chinese and German educators joined the group and panel discussion to share environmental education experience, heterogeneous forms for the same subject, was introduced & demonstrated, as well as award issuing for outstanding teachers.

For the coming year, the program will continue training teachers across China by combining with Think Blue. Factory visit, develop Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) to provide online learning. Moreover, move forward to guiding and encouraging student for creating eco-innovation idea.

Establishment of Local Technical Competence Structures Volkswagen Equal opportunities

Working closely with Chinese technical schools and the Ministry of Education, in addition to joint ventures, VW China has established a number of local Competence Centers to support its expanding production operations. The project is tasked with the development of a dual education system that both meets the demanding standards imposed by new technology and improves teaching at Chinese technical schools by offering structured content and a structured curriculum.

Green Silk Road – Making Urumqi a green city Volkswagen Environmental protection

The Sino-German joint research project on resource efficiency is a key to sustainable development of megacities in dry areas. Urumqi is a leading example for Central Asia. It includes a partnership with the University of Heidelberg and the Institute for Environment Economy, BMBF, Xinjiang Ministry for environmental affairs and CAS. Topics include energy and resource efficiency, recycling and waste generation, and wastewater.

Integrated Child Protection System Design Contest Volkswagen Education and science

To take innovative approach and develop integrated and affordable in-car protection system, VGC organized the Integrated Child Protection System Design Contest. 147 students from 40 teams of 8 universities participated the contest and presented forward-thinking concepts/models such as portable, integrated, manual/automatic control, digital solutions, APP, etc. The designs are judged with the consideration of environmental friendly, safety, convenience, materials, and feasibility The Winning team Winning team also got the chance for internship at VGC.

Introduction and implementation of MBQ/MEK to strengthen Meister qualification Volkswagen Education and science

VW China has been liaising with the VW Group Academy to introduce the MBQ (Meister Basic Qualification) and MEK (Meister Development Center) concept to China. The establishment of the Center in China will ensure the continuing quality development of local employees. In 2015, the Center held nine MBQ courses for 126 participants. A total of 42 people attended the MEK, which certified eight local MBQ trainers and trained an additional 67 local MEK observers.

Introduction and Implementation of Schwarzman’s Project Volkswagen Education and science

Project Objective: To Realize the knowledge transfer to the future development of China and the automotive industry; to support the development of future concepts and sustainability solutions for Chinese society.

External Partners: Tsing Hua University

Established VW’s faculty Chair in Sustainability of the Schwarzman Scholars Program. The fields of research could include sustainable business management, environmental economics and supply chain management. The students are going to identify sustainability related topics from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Junior Football Camps Volkswagen Sports

The Volkswagen Junior Football Camp is a fundamental project of Volkswagen Junior Football Development Program which was launched in 2015 and has established football camps together with its joint ventures in 10 cities including Beijing, Tianjin and Dalian. Each camp chooses 120 players from each city to participate in a three-year football training with professional guidance of local football coaches. Every year, the players will attend 90 training sessions and each training takes no less than 90 minutes. The program aims to provide regular training opportunities to junior football players so as to cultivate football culture and football talents reserve for football development.

In addition, VGC developed Junior Football Sports Injury Prevention and Nutrition Manual and invites experts to conduct training to parents and coaches of these junior players. The aim of this project is to prevent sport injuries and offer timely and correct first-aid support upon injury. The first training was conducted in December 2016 where 20 parents participated.

Junior Football Summer Camp Volkswagen Sports

To proactively address insufficient match-playing and exchange of junior football, VGC designed Junior Football Summer Camp along with CFA. The 1st Summer Camp in 2016 had consisted of tournament, FIFA training, coaches and referees’ training as an integrated program. From 14th to 20th July, more than 210 junior football players from 9 cities across China participated and benefited from 1-week Summer Camp; 23 awards were given to Wining teams, Best Shooters, Best Goalkeepers and MVPs; 25 junior football players awarded as “Star of Hope” players after football skills tests; 21 coaches received Training Certificates by FIFA after professional football coaching.    

Junior Football Train the Trainer VfL Wolfsburg Sports

In addition to providing support for Chinese junior football players, Volkswagen Group China believes professional coaches and advanced junior football training are vitally important for the sustainable development of junior football in China. VGC has always promoted the philosophy that it's “better to teach a man how to fish rather than just give him a fish". The Volkswagen Junior Football Train the Trainer Course has been held for two consecutive years since 2015, supported by China Sports Foundation and Chinese Football Association, bringing German sophisticated junior football training theories, systems and field practices to Chinese youth football coaches.

In 5 Sep. 2016 – 30 Sep 2016, 162 local junior football coaches from 42 cities, 5 from Rainbow Bridge Program (Zhidan & Hong`an) participate in the program in Dalian Sports Centre, 19,480 junior football players (7–14 years old) would be benefited. This project aims to strengthen the skills of Chinese youth football coaches through capacity building to continuously promote the comprehensive and establishment of China’s youth football training system.

After two consecutive years of implementation, 322 junior football coaches were trained, covering all national registered junior football training centers in China.


PACE Culture Program Volkswagen Culture and arts

In 2016, Volkswagen Group China presented its cultural exchange strategy “PACE”, short for Participation, Connection, Education and Exchange. This strategy has made cultural activities come alive, including  the support of Theatertreffen Berlin's China Tour, which staged three theatrical masterpieces for Chinese audiences,  the setting up of a cultural exchange fund with RMB 1 million endowment to foster Sino-German exchange projects, and the support of the Sino-German Youth Communication Celebration Concert.
In 2017–2018,  Volkswagen Group China will initiate an innovative cultural program, named Artistic Engagement Program China (AEP-China), together with the Shanghai and Guangzhou Symphony Orchestras, Yo-Yo Ma, Long Yu and other outstanding cultural experts. On April 16, “Volkswagen Group China Music Night” brought together Shanghai Symphony Orchestra with principal musicians from Germany’s NDR Elbphilharmonie orchestra and students from the Shanghai Orchestra Academy (SOA). The performances mark the official launch of AEP-China.

Promotion of Individual Coaching Volkswagen Education and science

With the launch of ICLT (individual Coaching Launching Team), workshops and qualification programs were carried out to promote the individual coaching for management and leaders. Individual coaching clients reached to 102 in China by end of 2015 with 46% for women managers or leaders and 50%for local management and leaders.    

Release of Blue Book of Child Road Safety in China Volkswagen Traffic education

VGC sponsored the publication of Blue Book on Child Road Safety 2016 to advocate legislation on mandatory use of child safety seats in China. The book analyzes child traffic behavior and characters of child traffic accident, focuses on how to improve the current status of child road safety in China through laws & regulations, standard & evaluation, and education. More importantly, the book provides policy recommendation on mandatory use of child safety seats. Key stakeholders and media representatives were invited to join an in-depth discussion of child road safety during the publication event on May 30th, 2016.

Research Project on Ecosystems and Environmental Change Volkswagen Education and science

Volkswagen is supporting the implementation of a joint Chinese and German project christened “Management of Ecosystems and Environmental Changes in Arid Lands”. As part of this project, a Sino-German Joint Research Center was established in partnership with the Technical University of Munich and the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Xinjiang Institute of Ecology. The joint venture’s research projects focus on water management, environmental processes, ecosystem management, land management, the impact of climate change, and socioeconomics.

Smile Angel Fonds Audi Voluntary work

Financing of the non-profit organization "Smile Angel Fonds" Summer Camp; Organization of fruit charity sale for the non-profit organization "Sun Village"; Financing the "Sun Village"

Sponsoring Young Artists Volkswagen Culture and arts

Volkswagen is concerned with cultural continuity and development in Xinjiang. With this in mind, Volkswagen has set up a special fund that awards grants to young artists from Xinjiang in support of their careers.

Starry Program Volkswagen Education and science

“Starry Program” is SAIC VOLKSWAGEN’s public welfare brand of education donation. It is dedicated to continual assistance and support to children and teenagers in poor and rural regions. In the year of 2016, RMB 2.5 million was donated to Youth Development Foundation to construct hope primary schools and studying facilities for poor and rural regions in Midwest China and the total donation amount has reached RMB 7.5 million since 2015. In 2016, employee volunteers of SAIC VOLKSWAGEN visited SAIC VOLKSWAGEN hope primary schools and students from hope primary schools were invited to participate in the summer camp in Shanghai by SAIC VOLKSWAGEN as well.

Strengthening Ties between Czech Republic and China ŠKODA Regional support

ŠKODA carried out a series of activities to develop and strengthen the friendship between China and Czech including providing official vehicle for Czech Embassy in China, supporting Czech Days in Beijing and Czech Culture Week in Shanghai, supporting Czech National Day Reception & Concert of Czech Philharmonic Orchestra and supporting Industrial Cooperation Exhibit in Tangshan.

Successful launch of Q-Academy & Growing up of Product and Purchasing Academy Volkswagen Education and science

On 30 November 2015, after intensive preparation, the third Academy in China – Q Academy was successfully launched for strengthening the competence qualification in QA field; Product Academy provide programs cover a wide range from test drive to quality assurance tasks while Purchasing Academy  successfully find qualified Chinese partners for future long-term cooperation.

Support 2016 Sino-German MEECAL Conference strengthening commitment to sustainability Volkswagen Environmental protection

More than 70 Chinese and German experts and graduate students attended the third “Management of Ecosystems and Environmental Changes in Arid Lands in Central Asia” Conference, supported by Volkswagen Group China and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany. The event, organized by the Sino-German Joint Research Center for the Management of Ecosystems and Environmental Changes in Arid Lands (MEECAL), and run jointly by the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography and the Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany, was held in Urumqi, Xinjiang province, from September 20 to 22.    

Support youth football team Volkswagen Sports

With 300 young players in mixed and girls’ teams, the Xinjiang Vocational College of Sports and Urumqi Primary School have partnered to promote football. Volkswagen sponsored the team shirts and invited the Xinjiang junior team to take part in the 2014 Volkswagen Football Junior Masters in Rome. Volkswagen sponsored Urumqi junior football team won the first prize in the national school championship for the second consecutive years.

Supporting Junior Footballers at Preschool Volkswagen Sports

Volkswagen Children’s Football Seed Program is an early childhood football educational program for children, parents and P.E. teachers, recently launched at kindergartens for children aged 2–6. Working together with the Chinese Ministry of Education and Tom Byer, a world-famous youth football development coach, Volkswagen launched the pilot phase of this program at six kindergartens in Beijing with a view to improving children’s health, happiness and football skills. More than 800 children are benefiting from this program.

Youth Environment Ambassador Action & Education Program Volkswagen Environmental protection

Youth Environment Ambassador Action & Education Program (YEAAEP) makes up part of Volkswagen’s program under the 2016 Year of China-Germany Youth Exchange, inaugurated in March 2016 by Chinese President Xi Jinping and German Federal President Joachim Gauck in Beijing. 24 PASCH schools, supported by the Goethe-Institut in 14 cities across China, will take part in the 10-month program, which focuses on three areas: Forests, Climate and Resource Efficiency. Experts from environmental organizations, such as WWF and the Beijing Forestry University, have worked together with experts on German as a foreign language to compile a teaching manual for the program.

A highlight will be the planning and implementation of sustainable environmental protection projects by groups in each school and their surrounding areas. These projects are the result of a successful pilot, the Young Environmental Ambassador Program, initiated last year by Volkswagen Group China at Urumqi No. 12 Middle School, as showcased by student representative, Nie Xuran, during the opening ceremony. With the help of Volkswagen’s Urumqi Representative Office in cooperation with the Xinjiang Institute of Ecology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and local forestry departments, the school held various exhibitions on the environment and conservation, and established an educational forest trail.

On completion of YEAAEP, all participating PASCH schools will be honored with an environmental protection award, with each student receiving a Young Environmental Ambassador certificate. This program will be rolled out further in future.