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+ Amor - Frio Audi Regional support

To give toys and cloths to the children in the communities around the plant, because of "Día de Reyes" in Mexico.

A Day for the Future – help for children in Puebla Volkswagen Equal opportunities

Aid for disadvantaged children: Volkswagen de México joined forces with the employee union to launch the "A Day for the Future" initiative in 2002. Employees voluntarily donate one day’s wages, and the company provides matching funds. The money is donated to projects run by institutions in the state of Puebla that are dedicated to helping sick, orphaned, abandoned or disabled children. Since it was founded 15 years ago, the program has donated a total of €2 million to more than 250 projects.

Audi Fundation Audi Regional support

Analysis of Society of San José Chiapa and the region in order to give attention to the main needs in education.

Cooperating with Universities to Train Engineers Volkswagen Education and science

Since 2009, Volkswagen de México has been collaborating with universities in Puebla in a system for training engineers in automotive technology. The core element of the program is the creation of a major in Automotive Engineering at the Universidad Popular Autónoma de Puebla (UPAEP). The company was closely involved in the development of the curriculum, and Volkswagen is providing support in the form of scholarships, internships, laboratory use and expert advice. To date, more than 400 students have participated in the degree program.

In 2014, the first graduates started working in Mexico's automotive sector. Other universities in Puebla have also worked with Volkswagen to develop application projects and customize their syllabi. In addition, Volkswagen offers internships and trainee programs in Puebla. The company joins forces with the German Academic Exchange Service to support students studying in Germany during their degree program.

Development of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Work Re - incorporation Audi Health

Monitoring accidents and work-related diseases , requiring a program of physiotherapy and / or rehabilitation.

Environmental Day at Humboldt School Audi Education and science

Celebrate the day by sharing environmental information with the kids and play by learning.

Girls' Day Audi Equal opportunities

Annual event focused in education and inclusion to women in the automtive industry

House of the Sun – chance in life for orphans Volkswagen Equal opportunities

The Casa del Sol (“House of the Sun”) orphanage offers a home and care to disadvantaged children ranging in age from 0 to 6 years. Some are orphans; others have been abused or abandoned. The institution provides medical and psychological care, a balanced diet and education in its nursery school. The goal is to place the children with adoptive families by the time they reach school age or, if possible, to reintegrate them into their families. Volkswagen currently supports this institution by donating €50,000 each year to help cover its operating costs.

Oak Project Audi Education and science

Verify and follow up the development of 3,000 oak trees in a period of 100 years.

Orchestra Audi México Audi Culture and arts

Children and young people living near Audi’s plant at San José Chiapa in Mexico have to contend with some significant educational deficits. These relate not only to basic literacy and numeracy, but also to the acquisition of other key life skills such as discipline, resilience, teamwork, responsibility and punctuality.

To help redress this situation, Audi México joined forces with the Esperanza Azteca Foundation to set up a youth orchestra. More than 300 children from around the region are benefiting from this initiative. They practice their instruments for four hours every day, and by playing music, they also learn other important cognitive and psychomotor skills. Of course the project also nurtures the children’s artistic development.

In this way, Audi México is investing directly in the region’s children and making a significant contribution to the future of Mexican society.

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Feria de Instrumentos

Reforestation Volkswagen Environmental protection

Volkswagen de México has funded the reforestation of 600 hectares in Iztaccíhuatl-Popocatépetl National Park. A total of 490,000 alpine conifers have been planted since 2008, representing almost $1.6 million in financing by Volkswagen. Thirty-nine suppliers from the Puebla region have also become involved and are supporting the initiative financially. Together, the sponsors will ensure that the forest is cared for in years to come. One goal of the project is to channel rain and melt water into Puebla’s groundwater reserves.
Another aspect is to raise awareness of the environment and biodiversity. To this end, groups of students visit the park to take ecological tours.

San José Ozumba Audi Others

Infiltrate 375,000 m3 of water per year in the region

Sponsoring Research into Biodiversity Volkswagen Environmental protection

Since 2006, Volkswagen de México has been sponsoring the “Por Amor al Planeta” (For Love of the Planet) initiative, which promotes scientific biodiversity research and conservation projects in Mexico. By 2015, ten Mexican scientists had been awarded grants of € 30,000 each in recognition of their contributions to species conservation in Mexico and in support of their ongoing work.

The same amount is donated each year to a nature conservation project which may run for several years. Since 2006, three projects have been funded in this manner. Thanks to its support of these initiatives, Volkswagen de México is the county's most important private donor in the field of biodiversity.

Standardizing processes and interfaces with Private Hospitals and Government Audi Health

Establish the process and means of communication for monitoring our patients.

Young People as Environmental Ambassadors Volkswagen Environmental protection

Volkswagen is the first private sponsor of the CESMO (Corridor Ecologico Sierra Madre Oriental) biodiversity corridor in the eastern Sierra Madre Oriental mountain range. Measuring a total of four million hectares, the area extends over five Mexican states, including Puebla, and is home to some 650 endangered species. As part of the “Eco Chavos” project, 900 teenagers are being trained as environmental ambassadors. Their job is to inspire 10,000 young people in their towns to participate in conservation activities on one of the seven nature reserves in the CESMO corridor and raise awareness of the environment and biodiversity. CESMO is Mexico’s contribution to compliance with the UN Convention on Biological Diversity. It receives funding from the German and Mexican governments and the German international development agency, GIZ. Volkswagen has contributed €260,000 to the joint project. The specific objectives of the new project promoting nature conservation and biological diversity include planting 100,000 trees and cleaning up 100 kilometers of river.