15 Projects

Project Brand Topic
1 + 1 = 3 Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Voluntary work

The “1 + 1 = 3 together we can do more” program in Poznań provides funding to a foundation chosen by employees. Each member of staff makes a voluntary donation of one zloty from their monthly salary, and this is supplemented by the proceeds from collection buckets filled by donations from employees, guests, business partners and visitors to the factory. In 2016, more than 88% of the employees in Poznań paid into the scheme, which was launched in 2009. The total amount raised over the six-year period was zł410,000 (approximately €100,000).

Blue Dividend (Niebieskie Granty) Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Environmental protection

This programme receives applications from environmental initiatives run by schools, kindergartens and non-governmental organisations in Wielkopolska province. Established in 2011, the programme funds four environmental projects every year, one of which is implemented by employees from Volkswagen Poznań. The following projects were supported in the programme’s fifth year in 2016: “Green Workshop” with School No. 5 in Poznań, “My Piece of Garden” with the Wildzianie Foundation in Poznań, and “Eco-Education”, a project with the “Save the Fish” Foundation aimed at maintaining the biodiversity of the Warta river. Volkswagen Poznań has so far raised over PLN 100,000 for the programme and donated a VW Caddy van.

Children learn about the environment Sitech Environmental protection

What is the best way to teach children about the environment and how to protect it? Through play, of course. As a company, SITECH is conscious of its responsibility for the environment, and the VW seat supplier from Polkowice is keen to share its knowledge and experience with the younger generation. This is why SITECH and the local forestry office in Przemków organise an annual scavenger hunt for children from the surrounding primary schools. As part of the competition, the children walk through the forest and answer questions about the environment and nature conservation at various stations, or complete tasks relating to environmental issues. This project is increasing in popularity with the schoolchildren every year. It is a playful way of teaching children about the flora and fauna of their local area, and about the environment in general.

Collaboration with children’s home in Bnin Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Voluntary work

Volkswagen Poznań has been supporting the children’s home in Bnin, near Poznań, since 2016. The volunteer project carried out in December focused on integration and performing workshop jobs with the children. One of the events was all about learning German and preparing a meal together. Over 40 VW Poznań employees, many of them with their children, were involved in the campaign, which is set to continue in 2017.

Drużyna Szpiku SITECH Sitech Voluntary work

Drużyna Szpiku is a voluntary internal working group at SITECH which aims to encourage both SITECH employees and external staff to register as potential bone marrow donors. The team mainly provides information about blood cancer and bone marrow donation. It works closely with the DKMS Foundation for Giving Life. Members of Drużyna Szpiku compete in charity marathons to promote the foundation. In 2017, the group also intends to give short lectures in the region’s high schools to explain bone marrow donation. Drużyna Szpiku also supports the work of the “Dać nadzieję” (Giving Hope) foundation, in particular the “Chameleon” occupational therapy scheme for disabled people. In 2016, Drużyna Szpiku also raised money for a young girl whose parents work for SITECH. The donation covered part of the cost of her medical treatment and rehabilitation.

Dual training system Sitech Education and science

SITECH is one of the first companies in Lower Silesia to introduce the dual training scheme. By doing do, SITECH has forged links between its training and business departments. Working in conjunction with the German-Polish Chamber of Industry and Commerce and Wrocław University of Science and Technology, SITECH gives future engineers the opportunity to combine their studies with practical experience. SITECH offers the students placements at its factory in Polkowice for the duration of the dual study programme. SITECH also works with the comprehensive school in Chocianów. The company trains the students as assembly line mechatronics engineers. The students are employed as vocational trainees at SITECH for the duration of the three-year study period.

Health management Sitech Health

SITECH’s health management strategy involves running an outpatient clinic at its Polkowice factory. It is open during all shifts in order to treat employees at short notice as required. SITECH also offers diagnostic and laboratory tests, visits to specialists and physiotherapists, and regular vaccinations. The company also organises regular health campaigns during which staff can undergo a medical examination. A series of lectures provides SITECH staff with information on a range of health and nutrition-related topics in order to improve their understanding of health. The company also provides confidential psychological support.

Heart Signal Association (Stowarzyszenie Sygnał Serca) Sitech Voluntary work

The Heart Signal Association (Stowarzyszenie Sygnał Serca), which is made up of SITECH employees, supports children and families from the region who are particularly impoverished or in need of assistance. The association organises an annual children’s day for those in need, providing an opportunity for children to access items including urgently required school materials. In 2016 a picnic was also organised for disabled children from a home in Jaszkotle. The association collected care products for children in conjunction with other companies and organisations. SITECH employees from the association looked after the children during the picnic.

Neighborhood Dialogs at Production Plants Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Regional support

Since the early 1990s, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has been conducting regular neighborhood dialogs at its Hanover plant. The process has been carried over to other sites in the course of the years. Following the 2014 decision to expand the plant in Poznań, Poland, the established dialog rules were supplemented and adapted to local conditions. Every six months minimum, meetings with local residents are organized to listen to the requests and concerns of stakeholders, and to develop shared solutions. In addition to direct neighbors, participants regularly include representatives of the city, public offices and the church.

Revitalization of the Warta River – A Biodiversity Initiative Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Environmental protection

In late 2016, Volkswagen Poznań joined forces with the Save the Fishes Foundation and the local community council to organize a biodiversity campaign. As part of the campaign, children from local schools helped release almost one million fishes into the Warta River. The initiative also featured ecology-related games and contests. Before the event, students took part in educational programs focusing on ecological aquaculture. The initiative was aimed at ameliorating the negative impacts of an environmental catastrophe that occurred in 2015, after which significant pollution was found along a 150-kilometer stretch of the Warta River. The goal is to restore the equilibrium of the aquatic ecosystem.

Sponsoring Environmental Initiatives Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Environmental protection

For three years, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Poznań has been supporting local initiatives that aim to increase environmental awareness. As part of the program, schools, NGOs, preschools and employees can win up to zł6,000 to carry out a project. In a new element of the program, it is now possible to win the use of a car for one year. The program fosters local partnerships and is carried out in cooperation with the “Unsere Erde” (Our Earth) foundation.

Support for Pregnant Employees Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Health

Volkswagen Poznań helps its employees to balance families and careers. Its Future Mother program, for example, allows expecting mothers to work six hours per day instead of eight. In addition to the flexible working hours, these employees’ working conditions are also adapted to their physical needs. Following the birth of their child, new mothers can also take advantage of special rooms for breastfeeding.

The right way to drive with kids in the car Sitech Traffic education

A seat belt can save lives – especially children’s lives. But how do I fasten a seat belt correctly? And why do I need a child seat? Experts from SITECH have been providing answers to these questions as part of a road safety project in Poland called “Safe Journey”. Andrzej Świerczyński, Head of Factory Safety, visits pre-schools in the region with his colleagues, invites school classes to visit the SITECH factory in Polkowice, and works closely with the police on safety training sessions. They use seat simulators to demonstrate the right way to sit and fit seatbelts in cars. Everything they do is intended to make children, parents and teachers aware of just how important child seats and seat belts really are. “In our discussions with the police, it has become clear how many children are travelling in cars without child seats, or with poorly adjusted seatbelts. That is something we want to change, so we can contribute to the health and safety of kids in our region”, explains Andrzej Świerczyński.

“Mini Handball” program Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Sports

The “Mini Handball” programme, which is now in its fifth year, encourages children and teenagers to enjoy physical activities in their free time. The programme puts the three Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles plants in Poznań in direct contact with the local community. Games are organised between the eleven participating schools, culminating in a grand finale in May and June. The programme is aimed at eight- and nine-year-old children, and can be continued through the “Mini Handball” academy until the end of primary school. Over 1,200 children have taken part to date.

“Visibility is safety” campaign Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Education and science

The aim of the “Visibility is safety” campaign is to make children and young people aware of the need to wear light-reflecting vests and gadgets when out and about in the dark – an important aspect of road safety education. In 2016, Volkswagen Poznań held a number of road safety education events at schools and local housing estates in collaboration with the municipal police force. Nearly 1,500 children from the Poznań and Wrzesnia region have received training over the past two years.