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Blue Bikes Volkswagen Traffic education

The social problem to be tackled was that nearly 500,000 learners in SA walk more than an hour or up to 6 km one way to school each day. For girls (who are more vulnerable), there is also a physical safety consideration.The Blue Bikes program addresses these issues by providing children with robust new bicycles to radically shorten their commuting times, giving them more time and energy for their studies. The program also establishes bike maintenance schemes in the communities receiving donations, employing one full-time mechanic per catchment area (thereby creating employment).

In 2015, VWSA sponsored the delivery of 1,100 branded bikes to 20 schools in rural KZN and Eastern Cape, and backed this up with a book and stationery donation drive. In 2016 and 2017, we plan to distribute a further 2,000 bikes. The project is marketed under the VWSA social responsibility brand of Volkswagen for Good and the message was amplified through social media (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter), as well as traditional PR. The result was 500,000 views on YouTube plus a 1:20 return on investment.

Additional Information:
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Early Childhood Development Volkswagen Education and science

Ikhwezi Lomso is one of our legacy social investment projects. The Early Childhood Development Center was built from the ground up and started operating in 2012. Its aim is to provide high-quality early childhood development care to the local community. The center was built partly through employee contributions via the “one hour for the future“ program and can accommodate between 90 and 100 children

Edupeg project Volkswagen Education and science

Edupeg trainers provide in-classroom support and mentoring to teachers, enabling them to create empowered learners. Volkswagen partnered with Edupeg to introduce this comprehensive, learner-centered educational program in 20 schools in Uitenhage and Dispatch. The emphasis is on perceptual development in foundation and intermediate phases. For Edupeg, the focus of the intervention is on the most important element in the system – the teacher. The aim of the program is to increase the numeracy and literacy outcomes of learners at the foundation phase.

Great Show of Hands Volkswagen Voluntary work

“Many hands make light work” is the meaning behind the name of the “Show of Hands“ project. Launched by Volkswagen on the initiative of the workforce, this volunteer program allows the company and its employees to make a difference in local communities. Since the project kicked off in May 2011, over 1,100 Volkswagen volunteers have participated in 13 projects to promote education, youth development, environmental clean-ups, and community health and well-being.

HIV prevention in Southern Africa Scania Health

The reason for engaging in long-term HIV/AIDS prevention work is to combat a further spread of HIV/AIDS in the southern African region. The employee support program assists in early diagnosis, access to treatment and continuous support for employees and their families. Currently over 90% of Scania’s employees in South Africa are aware of their HIV status, and 44 out of 55 HIV-positive employees are undergoing treatment. In addition to employees and short-term contract workers, Scania South Africa also supports other vulnerable groups, such as truck drivers, in this work. Over a recent six-month period, for example, 1,000 drivers were screened and tested for HIV. Scania also has started to engage with a supply-chain program that will give employees access to mentoring in how to manage and run a successful wellness program.

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Incubabor for Entrepreneurs Volkswagen Regional support

In 2011, Volkswagen of South Africa partnered with Raizcorp and opened its doors at the Volkswagen Support Centre in Uitenhage. The aim is to provide business support for enthusiastic, growth-hungry entrepreneurs, offering them a platform that fosters learning and guidance, which can be translated into practical business success. The Volkswagen Business Support Centre has incubated 30 businesses since its inception. The combined positive impact is that 510 people are now employed in these businesses.

KwaNobuhle loveLife Y-Centre Volkswagen Education and science

loveLife is a youth-focused HIV prevention initiative in South Africa. Volkswagen invested R20 million in the KwaNobuhle loveLife Y-Centre. The center addresses individual and societal high-risk behavior by combining clinical and psychosocial services, community-level outreach and multimedia campaigns. Since it first opened in November 2012, more than 100,000 young people have visited the center. loveLife works in 24 schools in the KwaNobuhle area. They engage young people through outreach and support programs which are implemented by peer educators known as Ground Breakers.

Promoting Ethnic Diversity Volkswagen Equal opportunities

The aim of the Dealer Principal Apprentice Program is to increase the number of black dealer principals in the dealer network as part of our commitment to transformation and diversity. The program was launched in 2011 and the first five candidates graduated in 2013. Due to the success of the initial offering, the DPAP has been extended and a new intake of 17 candidates started this year.

The DPAP runs over 24 months and includes on-the-job training, classroom learning, e-learning and personalized coaching and mentoring while the candidates are holding down full-time jobs at their dealerships.

Support for Reading and Writing Skills Volkswagen Education and science

Education is the foundation of a functioning and self-sufficient society – if we want to achieve any degree of progress in our communities, at every level, we have to begin with education. By equipping our children with the knowledge and skills to excel, we create a legacy for the future. In order to realize the maximum benefits of all educational and leadership development interventions in later life, the best investments start in the very early phase of life, promoting early language development and literacy through reading, writing and storytelling. This requires the active, informed and enthusiastic involvement of parents, caregivers and later on, teachers. Our goal is to work together with all these stakeholders to ensure that all learners in Uitenhage are functionally literate by the time they are 10 years old.

Support for Scientific and Technical Education Volkswagen Education and science

One of the primary goals of the Nelson Mandela Bay Science and Technology Centre is to ensure that traditionally marginalized schools have access and exposure to science and technology-related learning experiences. It is envisaged that the NMB Science and Technology Centre will provide young people with exposure, experience and learning opportunities. The NMB Science & Technology Centre is giving schools in PE, Uitenhage and Dispatch access to major math, science and technology events which they might not otherwise have had.

Taking Regional Responsibility Volkswagen Voluntary work

Working for a new South Africa: the Volkswagen Community Trust has long concerned itself with the world beyond the factory gates, in line with the Volkswagen value of responsibility. Founded in 1989, the Volkswagen Community Trust is the main vehicle for social investment of Volkswagen of South Africa. The Volkswagen Community Trust prides itself on being relevant and responsive to community issues. The Volkswagen Community Trust has a very broad focus and invests mainly in education, youth development, and community health and well-being.

Volkswagen Bursary Fund Volkswagen Education and science

The Children of Volkswagen Bursary scheme is a new and ambitious program whose aim is to identify academically talented children of Volkswagen shop floor employees and give them the opportunity to attend excellent schools and develop holistically. In addition, we run a Saturday program where we offer extra math and science lessons. Since its inception, 35 learners have been funded by the bursary scheme.

VW Supports National Reading Campaign Volkswagen Education and science

The Nal’iBali National Reading Campaign’s motto is “Using the power of stories to spark children’s potential”. Nal’ibali is a Xhosa word which means “here is the story”. The organization trains volunteers to establish reading clubs in schools, in communities and especially among young people. The aim is to inspire, support and provide resources to reading clubs, of which 272 have already been established. They use media such as the Sunday Times, Eastern Cape Herald and Daily Dispatch to stimulate demand. Over 500 billboards have been erected nationally. This is the key to tackling the literacy crisis in South Africa.

Working with NGO Masifunde Volkswagen Education and science

The Masifunde Learner Development Program is a German-South African organization based in Walmer Township, Port Elizabeth. It trains over 200 motivated and talented learners to become change makers and active role models in their community. The program provides opportunities for talented young people to attend excellent schools. Volkswagen of South Africa provided Masifunde with a Crafter to transport these young people to and from school and to various activities after school.