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Charity Cycle Ride by Volkswagen Navarra Volkswagen Regional support

Cycle race to raise money for children with cancer. Employee support builds teamwork for a good cause. Ride participants climbed onto their road-racing or mountain bikes at the Volkswagen factory starting line before setting off on the course around Pamplona. The cyclists or their sponsors paid an entry fee to participate. This year, more than 700 people took part in the bike ride to combat cancer. Sales of merchandising and lottery tickets raised even more funds for the cause; the final total came to nearly €40,100. The funds will be divided between an association that supports children with cancer and Navarra university hospital, which will use its share of almost €20,050 to support children with cancer and their families.

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Helping Those in Need SEAT Voluntary work

SEAT regularly takes part in campaigns to show solidarity with those who are in most need.

The first project involved working with the Red Cross to organize its 2015 food collection campaign, in which 4,550 kg of food and 360 toys were donated by employees.

The company also donated 200 games consoles to Juegaterapia, a foundation that provides games to children who are in hospital for cancer treatment.

SEAT has agreed to work with the Talita Foundation, which is dedicated to supporting people with disabilities and facilitating their integration into society.

Coinciding with International Breast Cancer Awareness Day, SEAT lent its facilities to the AECC (the Spanish Association Against Cancer) for its “Pink up” campaign (“Súmate al rosa”).

SEAT donated a vehicle to the Institut Guttmann Foundation for educational and therapeutic purposes

Largest Solar Power Plant Installation SEAT Environmental protection

A sunny outlook: The ambitious SEAT al SOL (“SEAT in the Sun”) project launched in 2010 has now completed all of the installations planned for SEAT facilities and is fully operational. The commissioning of the final two plants in the project has added a total of 53,000 solar panels, which are installed on the roofs of the workshops and above the temporary vehicle storage areas. Covering an area of 276,000  m2 , equivalent to 40 football fields, the solar plant at the Martorell plant is now the largest in the automotive industry worldwide. The facilities, rated at nearly 11 MW of nominal power and 12 MW of peak power, can generate up to 17 million kWh per year. This represents 17% of the annual energy required to manufacture the new SEAT Leon, with zero environmental impact.

Megatruck SEAT Environmental protection

Megatruck operating since April 2016. A long truck – length of more than 25m – with a maximal load capacity of 60 Tons which will bring savings of 22% in Transport costs and will reduce the  CO2 emissions till 300 Tons per Year.

Parque Polo Volkswagen Traffic education

Opened in 1999, Parque Polo is an outdoor traffic education center laid out in the form of a miniature city, where every building is sponsored.

Open to all schools in the Navarra region, Parque Polo welcomes school children for a half-day of activities that teach them the rules of the road. The children drive karts and act as roadside monitors, with traffic police present to guide them as they learn.

Risk Management & Compliance Recognition SEAT Others

The Volkswagen Group has awarded Risk Management and Compliance departments for two projects carried out in 2015.

The Compliance department was also recognized as best Compliance team by Iberian Lawyer association.

SEAT Sets up Apprentices School SEAT Education and science

SEAT Apprentices School, the Barcelona-based center of excellence for vocational training, has opened its doors for 2013–2014. This is the fourth year in which the school has been organized according to the dual-education system of vocational training, first introduced in 2012 on the basis of the German model. This year, for the first time, the school will offer three specializations (Machining, Maintenance of Electromechanical Installations, and Vehicle Electromechanics) to all students in first, second and third years. The dual-education training system represents an improvement on the previous system by combining theoretical study at school with practical work at SEAT. This gives students a solid foundation of professional experience. Among the keys to the SEAT Apprentices School’s success are the high standard of the technical facilities and trainers, plus the practical training itself. The center has trained more than 2,500 students in the 50 years it has been open. Although the school is a private concern, all of the teaching costs are covered by the company.

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Your charity project Volkswagen Regional support

Second Edition of the Your Charity project: Volkswagen Navarra employees put forward projects by development organizations that should be sponsored. These projects should be based in Navarra. All projects are voted on by employees in the factory; each employee has three votes and the projects with the most votes are selected and endowed with €5,000 each. Most importantly, it is the employees themselves who choose the projects which should receive funding – an approach that encourages participation by all employees, regardless of position.

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Volkswagen Navarra
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“LIVE” sustainable mobility initiative SEAT Regional support

In Spain, SEAT is a founding member of the LIVE project (Logistics for the Implementation of the Electric Vehicle), a public-private platform for the promotion of sustainable mobility in Barcelona and Catalonia, managed in partnership with Barcelona City Council and the Catalan government.

The goal of the project is to ensure the technical and economic feasibility of electric mobility in both Barcelona and its metropolitan area. In 2014, VW-Audi España joined the platform, which also covers alternative sustainable drive technologies such as CNG.

“Together we can” Parque Polo Volkswagen Voluntary work

Special journeys for people with disabilities. We want everyone to have the same opportunities in their daily lives. The “Together we can” initiative supports the personal development of people with disabilities.

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