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For each car sold in the Czech republic, one tree is planted ŠKODA Environmental protection

ŠKODA AUTO cares about the environment and so do the people of the Czech Republic. ŠKODA’s  initiative “For each car sold in the Czech republic, one tree is planted” helps to preserve nature: For every vehicle sold in the Czech Republic, ŠKODA helps to plant one tree. ŠKODA AUTO employees and their families actively participate in finding the right spots and planting the trees. Due to ŠKODA's performance in 2015, a further 85,005 seedlings were added to the total in 2016. As a result, more than 640,000 trees have been planted since the program first started in 2007– more than enough for a forest.

Funding Hospital Clowns ŠKODA Health

Laughter is the best medicine – especially for sick children, whose days don’t often include a lot of fun and games. ŠKODA plays a major role in supporting the Health care Clowns charity. Professional entertainers visit seriously ill children in hospitals throughout the Czech Republic, spend time with them and cheer them up with their infectious laughter – which helps restore the vitality of the young patients.

Handymap (Vozejkmap) ŠKODA Equal opportunities

In 2013, ŠKODA AUTO cooperated with CZEPA (the Czech Paraplegic Association) on a mobility study seeking to improve the individual mobility of people with disabilities on the country’s main roads. An interactive “Handymap” (Vozjekmap) and smartphone app now helps disabled road users find accessible facilities, including restaurants, parking spaces and WCs. The project also aims to educate the general public about mobility for people with disabilities through specialized seminars.

IQLANDIA ŠKODA Education and science

ŠKODA AUTO is an advocate of technical education. In cooperation with IQLANDIA, the company focuses on promoting science among children and their parents. Many schoolchildren do not realize that science can be fun – IQLANDIA shows them cool ways of using science and how it influences our lives every day.

Little driver app ŠKODA Environmental protection

Every child can learn now to be a safe driver using an effective driving app for children.

Long-term employee giving ŠKODA Regional support

On several occasions in the past (especially during the catastrophic floods), ŠKODA AUTO employees have proven to be interested in helping their communities. Since January 2014, they have the opportunity to participate in a long-term employee donation program. Participants regularly donate a small or large sum of money to NGOs previously selected by employees in a Company-wide poll. ŠKODA AUTO then doubles the donation amount. 80% of this increase goes to the NGOs. The remaining 20% is used to support an orphanage in Aurangabad, India.

Regional grant programs ŠKODA Regional support

ŠKODA AUTO has been increasing its involvement in the communities around its manufacturing plants, where most of its employees live. Now a grant program aims to systematize the company’s CSR activities. Municipalities, NGOs and schools, for example, can apply for financial support for their projects in six areas: road safety education, road safety in towns and villages, promoting technical education in primary schools, barrier-free mobility, childcare, and regional activities.

Roads Through the Cities ŠKODA Traffic education

In 2016, ŠKODA AUTO was once again the main sponsor of the “Roads through Cities” traffic competition, organized by the Partnership Foundation. This competition, which includes an award from ŠKODA AUTO itself, recognizes the involvement of towns and villages in road safety education, and showcases well-designed traffic solutions. In 2016, the prize was awarded to the town of Uherský Brod for its traffic lighting project and for the second stage of its transport terminal.

Science has Future ŠKODA Environmental protection

ŠKODA AUTO has always been a keen supporter of technical education. In particular, the company sees elementary school teachers who specialize in technical subjects as an important target group for this support. The objective of the “Science has a Future” project is to train, develop and support these teachers to improve their skills and knowledge of modern industrial career paths. This expertise is key in motivating the students to pursue a scientific or technical education.

Sheltered workshops ŠKODA Equal opportunities

ŠKODA AUTO has been running “sheltered workshops” at its Mladá Boleslav facility since 2006. It currently employs approximately 300 people with disabilities. The workplace environment has been adapted to allow them to perform their tasks despite their disabilities.

ŠKODA Handy ŠKODA Equal opportunities

The ŠKODA Handy project aims to help disabled people find a comfortable personal mobility solution. ŠKODA Handy currently offers advice on buying adapted vehicles from its ten offices. The advisers are disabled employees who can easily connect with and understand the needs of people with disabilities. A similar project also operates in Slovakia.

ŠKODA technical education Volkswagen Education and science

ŠKODA AUTO's main priority is Technical education, the biggest project of its kind is the fact that it has its own Vocational school, as well as from the year 2000 ŠKODA AUTO can educate students at the university level at its ŠKODA University.

ŠKODA Volunteeers ŠKODA Voluntary work

ŠKODA employees are active citizens for a long time. Besides ŠKODA trees project, in 2016 the employees took part in international volunteering day organized under the auspices of the platform Business for society called “Engage days”. During that day, employees went to help on different locations such as cultural sites, sheltered house or others.

Sponsoring Formula Student Team ŠKODA Education and science

In 2013, ŠKODA signed a three-year cooperation agreement with Dalian University of Technology (DUT) to strengthen the academic communication between DUT and ŠKODA Auto University in Mlada Boleslav, which included exchange of outstanding students and sharing experiences in the field of automobile manufacturing and research. Alongside, ŠKODA continues to support DUT ŠKODA Linghun Team, to race at Formula Student China 2015, and this is the third consecutive year that ŠKODA supports the DUT students on formula racing. The Linghun Team has improved to rank 12 among 61 teams in 2014 from 36 among 39 teams of its first race before sponsoring in 2012.

Sponsoring Young People with Learning Disabilities ŠKODA Education and science

ŠKODA Academy creates opportunities for students with learning disabilities. A three-year apprenticeship trains the students for professional life working in teams on the production line. At the end of the dual-education course, successful graduates have the security of a job at ŠKODA AUTO, where they become esteemed members of the ŠKODA family.

Teribear moves Prague and Mladá Boleslav ŠKODA Environmental protection

In 2016, ŠKODA AUTO sponsored again a unique charity sports runs featuring the Tereza Maxová foundation’s “Teribear” mascot. The “Teribear moves Prague” and “Teribear moves Mladá Boleslav” events raised funds for disadvantaged children with every lap. The Mladá Boleslav run, for Nymburk Children’s Home, involved many ŠKODA AUTO employees, as well as the general public. Thousands of kilometers were covered in the two events, demonstrating the willingness of all to contribute.

Trainees Build Creative Car ŠKODA Education and science

The FUNstar trainee car was designed and produced by apprentices from the ŠKODA AUTO Secondary Vocational School on the basis of the ŠKODA FABIA. It demonstrates the creativity and skills of 23 apprentices in seven fields. The apprentices hand-built the alterations to the standard car. This included changing the bodywork to a pick-up style using stainless steel sheet, keeping the lines of the original and drawing inspiration from the sharp contours of Czech crystal. They also manufactured a new floorpan for the altered wheelbase, and changed the exhaust system. The FUNstar was then given a sporty look with the addition of air holes in the engine compartment hood. Finally, they made comprehensive changes to the car’s lighting by installing LED lights at the rear, green underbody lighting and new headlamps that use the integrated high-beam module from the Superb III.

Young designer ŠKODA Education and science

In a creativity competition for kindergarten (preschool) and elementary-school children, participants design their idea of a “SIMPLY CLEVER car”. The program promotes teamwork and creative thinking, and boosts children’s interest in technology. Since the beginning of the competition, hundreds of children have taken part and dozens of schools have joined in.

“Get Started!” (ROZJEDU TO!) ŠKODA Equal opportunities

ŠKODA AUTO, in partnership with the renowned Tereza Maxová children’s foundation in the Czech Republic, is supporting disadvantaged children aged 11-15 in children’s homes. The “Get Started!” project aims to give children better pathways to employment by providing personal support and tuition in subjects such as math, languages and the sciences. Assistance is also given to those who wish to develop their skills in music and performing arts. In 2015, the project helped some 40 children from four children’s homes. The children gained insights into working life by visiting a range of companies. They learned about various job opportunities, from hospitality careers in hotels like the Hilton Hotels chain to the varied careers available at manufacturing plants such as those operated by ŠKODA AUTO.

“New Job, New Life” ŠKODA Education and science

ŠKODA AUTO supports the “New Job, New Life” initiative, which enables disadvantaged young people to gain their first work experience. The initiative was launched with the support of Tereza Maxová children’s foundation and the Business for Society organization, and places the young people in internships. In 2016 two young men started their job in ŠKODA Mladá Boleslav.

“Playful ŠKODA” multimedia website for traffic education ŠKODA Traffic education

“Playful ŠKODA” educates children and the general public on how to handle different situations in road traffic. The program covers all roles – pedestrian, cyclist, car passenger, public-transit user and more. A multitude of videos, animated clips and explanations help promote awareness. A playful teaching style is a Czech tradition – it is considered the best way to ensure understanding.

“Safe Roads” website for road safety ŠKODA Traffic education

One of ŠKODA AUTO’s CSR priorities is road safety. Accordingly, in 2013 the company became a supporter and partner of the Safe Roads campaign website “”. This website informs drivers about road safety and safe roads in the Czech Republic via an interactive map. Users of the website can add their own experiences and warn other drivers about dangers on the roads.