Strategic Objective: First-Rate HR Organization

All the objectives and various activities described require a solid foundation. As passionate HR people, we are convinced that only strong personnel management focused on the interests of both the company and its employees can provide the basis for good work policies in an environmentally and socially responsible enterprise.

Highly competent and qualified HR staff are crucial for implementing human resources policies that motivate people to perform their best. Accordingly, our fifth strategic objective is to continuously improve our HR organization. This goal that we have set ourselves is ambitious – HR will shape and support all upcoming change and transformation processes in the company, without ever losing sight of the objective of creating highly productive, people-friendly working environments. To attain this vision, we are currently improving the organization of personnel management. Our future efforts will center firstly, on the digital transformation of work processes, and secondly, on refocusing personnel management.

The “We empower to perform” human resources strategy will formulate our previous personnel management objectives in more detail. Not only will we ensure that our top teams have the requisite skills; in collaboration with the specialist units, we will work on laying the foundations for enabling the teams to develop their full potential – among other things by equipping them to continually adapt to changing circumstances. The goal is thus to make HR fit for the digital age, release energies for cultural change and transformation, while at the same time contributing to the Group’s competitiveness and sustained economic success. We intend to reinforce our strengths while preserving the tried and tested – but also to tackle new challenges and shape the working environment of the future. So: “Welcome, transformation”!