Photo: Plant in Pacheco

Although in 2016 the economic problems of Argentina were still going on and the automotive industry suffered less demand from Brazil and had to adjust headcount in production, VW Argentina could maintain all the projects with the chain of. Apart the problems in production VW Argentina could maintain for 13th year consecutive the market–leading in Argentina.

Otherwise the voluntary group played a very important role to help children in kindergartens and social institutions. Nearly every weekend volunteers organized journeys with the Amarok´s VW lent to them to bring donations of cloth, shoes and school goods to schools and Kindergartens in the interior of the country. Near Christmas we organized the action “A smile for Christmas” where our employees donated toys and the typical argentine Christmas-bakery and sweets, which were delivered to children in five kindergartens and institutions. The company donated money to better the infrastructure in these five institutions.

VW also followed the Program of eye exams in the elementary schools of Tigre. Since the beginning of this program in 2008 more than 10.000 children with impaired vision have been given assistance.

The Ferdinand Porsche Institute, a project of VW together with the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, to teach a career for engineers specialized in automotive industry was going on.

In the last year 400 students were studying the career and it was the most elected course in the university. This year the first students will finish and contribute to better the competitiveness of the argentine automotive industry.

Electrical Mobility

VW Argentina also joins the Together 2015 strategy and began to work with the item of e–mobility.

In order to commercialize and develop fully electric vehicles in Argentina, it will require the joint work of the industry and the authorities to generate legal conditions and adequate infrastructure, given the unconventional characteristics of the units. This work has already begun and although there is still a way to go, we firmly believe that the future is there and we are totally determined to work on it.

Likewise, we have already begun to bring this type of vehicles to our customers with the GTE Golf and e-Golf exhibition in our Summer Stand in Cariló – Buenos Aires.

2016 Highlights

“Eye exams and glasses for thousands of elementary-school children in the municipality of Tigre.”

VW Gol (not available in Europe)


All the vehicles which we sell in Argentina comply with government regulations and are optimized to perform well under local conditions. The Argentine Ministry of Industry must grant an LCM (Model Configuration License) allowing the sale of these vehicles. Starting in 2016, all new vehicles must comply with the Euro 4 and Euro 5 emissions standards; from 2017, all vehicles must comply with these standards. 

Porsche Institute

Education for the future: Volkswagen is helping the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional in Buenos Aires to train engineers for the automotive industry. The students complete their degree program – which combines engineering and technology – at the university’s Ferdinand Porsche Institute in Pacheco, which was established by Volkswagen. The program is the only one of its kind in Argentina. There are 437 students in the UTN/FPI of which 242 study Engineering in Automotive Industry and 195 study Superior Technical Management in Automotive Industry.

Better sight

As part of a project launched in 2008, Volkswagen donates equipment for measuring the visual acuity of children in elementary schools.  For example, Volkswagen provides a vehicle for local medical personnel to travel to the schools. In 2015, more than 5,000 schoolchildren in 54 schools were given eye examinations. More than 1,000 pairs of glasses were paid for by Volkswagen and provided to those in need. Since the project was initiated in 2008, more than 9,000 children with impaired vision have been given assistance.

Stakeholder Dialog

In Argentina, we maintain an intensive dialog with our suppliers, dealers and employees, as well as local NGOs.

For the 3rd time a meeting more than 70 supplier was organized to work on the goal of sustainability.


Senior Automotive Exporter

Group Awards: Cozzuol Local Champion:

For the first time in the history of the Volkswagen Group Awards, an argentinean company won the price for “Local Champion”: Cozzuol. We took the opportunity to make a small event locally, where we also invited the press. This news appeared in several automotive magazines and websites.