Volkswagen do Brasil

Volkswagen do Brasil is one of the largest private companies in the country. Throughout its history of more than 60 years, Volkswagen do Brasil has accumulated expressive milestones: more than 22 million vehicles produced, more than 3,5 million exported vehicles and domestic sales exceeding 18 million units historically. 

The company has three vehicle plants and one engine plant. The three factories for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles are complete production units. The Volkswagen do Brasil’s plants are:

  • Anchieta plant.
  • Taubaté plant.
  • São Carlos plant.
  • Curitiba plant.

In November 2016, during the São Paulo International Auto Show, Volkswagen do Brasil announced that it will invest R$ 7 billion in its operation until 2020. 

Since June 2016, the Volkswagen brand is working under a new regional structure in South America, which also includes Central America and the Caribbean, progressing as planned by the company’s regionalization strategy.

2016 Highlights

“Volkswagen do Brasil was awarded the title of Brazil’s Most Admired Company by CartaCapital magazine.”

Volkswagen do Brasil invests in a social program to train, recognize and reward young entrepreneurs in Paraná

In 2016, the “Geração Emprendedora Paraná” (Entrepreneurial Generation Parana State) project was developed with the NGO Aliança Empreendedora and the State Government, in which 410 young people were benefited through training and awarding regarding their projects and business ideas developed in the community. The project is partly funded by a tax incentive related to the investment for the production of Golf MQB project at São José dos Pinhais plant. The revenue comprises a period of 15 years (starting from 2016) and will continue to develop such initiative, focusing even further on social development, entrepreneurship and innovation, bringing aspects of Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence and Digital business inclusion for future generations.

Volkswagen do Brasil has a presence in world challenge rescue 2016

Volkswagen do Brasil lent almost forty vehicles in 2016 for a vehicle extraction training sessions of São Paulo State Firefighter Academy. The vehicles were used in rescue simulations during events such as the Rescue Days – addressing victim-rescuing procedures for Firefighters in Brazil and Latin America. The Fire Department’s engagement helps prepare and ensure more efficient rescue procedures for potential victims of traffic accidents. Ten of these cars were used in the World Rescue Challenge (WRC), the biggest international rescue event performed in a simulated environment. In October 2016, Brazil hosted the event. The purpose of this event is to strengthen the topic’s discussion within the community, improve professional’s techniques and promote knowledge exchange.

Volkswagen do Brasil receives “Selo conpet” for energy efficiency of their vehicles

Volkswagen, which was awarded for the second time, got this achievement on 26 models “Selo Conpet” Trophy Vehicle was delivered at São Paulo International Motor Show The recognition is granted to the participants of INMETRO Vehicle Labeling Program whose vehicles have obtained double “Green Classification” in fuel consumption. Volkswagen received this achievement in 26 models: up!, up! I-Motion, cross up!, cross up! I-Motion, up! TSI, cross up! TSI, New Gol 1.0, New Gol 1.6, New Voyage 1.0, New Voyage 1.6, New Saveiro CS (single cabin), New Saveiro CE (extended cabin), New Saveiro CD (double cabin), New Saveiro Cross CE (extended cabin), Fox 1.0, Fox 1.6, Fox 1.6 16V, Fox 1.6 16V I- Motion, CrossFox, CrossFox I-Motion, Golf 1.0 TSI, Golf 1.4 TSI, Golf Variant TSI 1.4, Jetta 1.4 TSI, Jetta 1.4 TSI Automatic and Passat TSI.

Other Projects

Volkswagen launches regionalization strategy

In 2016, Volkswagen launched its Regionalization Strategy and created a new structure in South America, also involving Central America and the Caribbean. The President and CEO of Volkswagen do Brasil, David Powels, also commands all operations and activities of Volkswagen brand in the new SAM Region (South America, Central America and Caribbean), with the support of an Executive Committee. The SAM Region is composed by 29 countries, has a population of 500 million people and has an annual vehicle market of 4,4 million units. In this region, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Peru represent 85% of the brand's sales. With the regionalization strategy, Volkswagen aims to become even more connected to the consumer, agile and competitive in all regions of the world. The target is to have enchanted customers, with the offer of products and services updated and adapted to local needs. Through lean structures and more agile decisions, the brand wants to strengthen entrepreneurship and profitability, to grow in a sustainable way. Volkswagen do Brasil will continue to work in cooperation with the Headquarter, but will have more autonomy to make decisions and also greater responsibility for targets and results.

Stakeholder Dialog

Every three years, Volkswagen do Brasil reviews its materiality matrix to update its key stakeholders’ topics of interests covered in this document. By late 2014 and early 2015, the company expanded its stakeholder survey process performed as part of this document’s development process in 2012, contacting representatives of the following priority stakeholders: individual and corporate customers, communities surrounding all four production units, dealerships, companies of the automotive segment, employees from all four units, Class Entities, vendors, public agencies, financial institutions, company executives, German head offices, NGOs, and trade unions/associations. This process involved more than four hundred interviews and discussion meetings.  

A total of 38 topics were mapped, 15 of which were prioritized as the most relevant topics for both the company and its stakeholders. These topics include:

  1. Eco-efficient product
  2. Efficient production: use of resources and materials    
  3. Sustainable supply chain    
  4. Economic performance in Brazil    
  5. Risk management, Compliance and Conformity   
  6. Business ethics 
  7. Vehicle safety 
  8. Employment    
  9. Emissions
  10. Mobility 
  11. Social Investments 
  12. Vision and Strategy 
  13. Disposal of materials, parts and vehicle maintenance
  14. Customer Satisfaction 
  15. Occupational health and safety

Upon due analysis of the materiality matrix results in a meeting of the company’s Executive Committee, executives decided not to cover the Mobility topic in this year’s edition, due to its strategic business nature. In addition, the members of the Executive Committee decided to cover the three following topics in this edition. Such topics were mapped by the Materiality Matrix, but ranked below the cut-off line, which was 50% for both the company and the stakeholders. The executives chose to cover such topics in this document due to its high relevance to the business.

  1. Technology, 
  2. Union Relations, and 
  3. Sustainability Education

Autoesporte magazine

The new EA211 1.0 TSI Total Flex engine was elected “Engine of the Year 2016” at the 49th edition of the Car of the Year Award, the most important award in Brazil, promoted by Autoesporte magazine. The jury was composed of 16 specialized journalists and guest engineers.


Volkswagen do Brasil was honored at the “10th AEA Environment Award”, offered by the Brazilian Association of Automotive Engineering (AEA). The “Program of Excellence in Industrial Waste Management at Volkswagen do Brasil” received an honorable mention in “Environmental Responsibility” category. The company was also recognized for contributing to the success of Proconve (Control Program of Air Pollution from Motor Vehicles), which completed 30 years old.

Car and Driver magazine

The “Ten Best 2016” by Car and Driver magazine had a jury made up of journalists from the magazine and chose the move up! TSI as the “Best Sustainable Car” and the speed up! TSI as the “Best Hatch”, highlighting the 1.0 TSI Total Flex engine. There were evaluated 231 models for sale in the Brazilian market.


Volkswagen was the winner in four categories in the “Best of the Year” award of the Jornal do Carro (State of São Paulo), with the Golf Hatch (Medium Hatch), Golf Variant and Saveiro (light truck) models. The brand was also considered the Best Value Reseller. This was the 11th edition of the award, which has 26 categories and is composed of the votes of the newspaper and readership.


Volkswagen do Brasil received the “Notable Company 2016” award, in the category “Vehicles”, offered by “Consumidor Moderno” magazine. In its 3rd edition, the study evaluated the performance of 200 Brazilian companies in 19 sectors during the year of 2015. The study analyses how companies are acting and being perceived in different topics: to be considered “Notable”, the company must present a consistent performance in “Branding”, “Investments” and “Value”.