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At Volkswagen de Mexico, we see sustainable development as an opportunity to focus our innovation skills on ensuring the long-term continuity of our company. It means creating greater value while using fewer resources. We look after the interests of our employees and are committed to maintaining long-term relationships with our distributors, suppliers, the community and our customers. Sustainability means continuous improvement of the technological aspects of our processes and our vehicles in ways that are beneficial to the environment and the consumer, always endeavoring to maintain our technological and quality-focused leadership in the automotive industry.

Social responsibility implies taking an active part in developing the communities around our plants in Puebla and Silao. In addition to creating well-paid jobs, Volkswagen of Mexico provides support for cultural, educational and environmental protection activities – in addition to the philanthropic activities in which involve our employees.

2016 Highlights

"Volkswagen is the most visible German company in Mexico. That is why the Volkswagen Group is supporting the activities of the German-Mexican year as a premium partner of the Alliance for the Future being forged between the two nations."

German-Mexican Dual Year

Germany and Mexico have a long history of economic and cultural collaboration. Big German companies like Volkswagen have been present in Mexico for many decades. The German Chamber of Industry and Commerce has 750 members and has been active since 1929. German Schools in Mexico City and Puebla are over 100 years old. And cultural exchange between the two countries has been promoted by the Goethe Institut for 50 years now, supported by the Foundation of the German Industry for Culture, where Volkswagen is also a member.

Starting in June 2016, both countries launched the German–Mexican Dual Year which includes over a 1000 events in the cultural, scientific and economic area, under the motto of the “Alliance for the Future” being forged between the two nations.

The Volkswagen Group is supporting the activities of the German-Mexican year as a premium partner and active participant in several events, like the German Industrial Fair and the PopUp Tour through several Mexican cities.

Nature conservation program “Por Amor a México”

Since 2006, Volkswagen de México has been funding biodiversity research and conservation projects in Mexico. By 2016, eleven Mexican scientists had been awarded grants of € 30,000 each in recognition of their contributions to species conservation in Mexico and in support of their ongoing work. The same amount was given each year to a nature conservation research project undertaken by scientists in a natural protected area. Volkswagen de México has become the country's most important private donor in the field of biodiversity.

Starting 2017, under the new motto “Volkswagen, Por Amor a México”, the award is being opened to the conservationist community in Mexico to present all kinds of nature conservation projects, which may qualify for the grant of € 30.000. The jury of renowned Mexican scientists in the field of nature conservation selects the two best qualified projects, which are then submitted to the general public for voting on the winner in Volkswagen’s social media.

The first winner of this new contest will be awarded mid-2017.

One Day for the Future – supporting the disadvantaged

Volkswagen de México joined forces with the trade union launching the initiative "A Day for the Future" in 2002. Employees voluntarily donate one day’s wage, and the company provides matching funds. The money is donated to projects run by institutions in the state of Puebla that are dedicated to helping sick, orphaned, abandoned or disabled children. Since it was founded 15 years ago, the program has raised a total of €2 million for more than 250 projects.

Since 2014, the Volkswagen fund also supports a government initiative to improve nutrition for the poorest sector of the population who are in the risk zone of malnourishment. Close to the Puebla factory, in the county of Cuautlancingo, a mobile soup kitchen was installed that provides 2 meals per day to the needy population, mainly children and the elderly. The county and state governments maintain the installations, while Volkswagen provides funding for the food.


Empresa Socialmente Responsable (CEMEFI) 2011-2016

Modelo de Equidad de Género (Instituto Nacional de las Mujeres) 2012-2015

Empresa Incluyente “Gilberto Rincón Gallardo” (STPS) 2014

Empresa Familiarmente Responsable (STPS) 2014

Organización Responsablemente Saludable (CESB) 2015

Listed as  „Great Place to Work“ 2016

Listed as “Top Employer México” 2016