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Volkswagen Group Russia is committed to giving back to the local community through social welfare projects which tackle acute problems. Good corporate citizenship is a natural and essential part of the company’s role in a large country like Russia.

2016 Highlights

“We have been able to assist around 300 families using the two VW Multivans we made available to the children’s hospice in St. Petersburg.”

Talent Acquisition in Joint Venture with Automotive Transport College

Cooperation of Volkswagen Group Rus’ Academy in Moscow with the Automotive Transport College which had been set up as a pilot project in 2015 continued successfully in 2016. Joint programme offers two-year service training and study incorporated into the standard curriculum. Upon completing their studies, the most talented college students selected for the programme get apprenticeship in the workshops of Volkswagen Group Russia dealers. This project also aims to tie young people into the Volkswagen Group at an early stage. Partnership involves training sessions for the educators of the college, where theory and practical sessions by VW experts are provided adding international expertise to the professional knowledge and skills of the college instructors and preparing them for running similar programs in the college in the future. The program is highly welcomed by all sides involved and is on-going.

VW Polo sedan (not available in Europe)

Dual Vocational Education and Training (VET)

In 2010, Volkswagen Group Rus (VGR) and the College for Information Technology and Administration in the city of Kaluga, 170 kilometers from Moscow, launched a dual vocational education program which was unique at that time in Russia. Designed by Volkswagen experts, it is modelled on German programs that combine classroom education with practical vocational training and aims to prepare skilled professionals for work in the company. Before this program was established, there was no comparable VET concept of this kind in the country. The Group also cooperates with the Kaluga branch of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University by offering students internships at the plant and organizing lectures by company representatives at the higher education institution. Since the program was launched, 299 students have successfully completed their training (54 graduates in 2016) in six different specialist or professional fields and been awarded their certificates of qualification. New professions and qualifications are gradually being added to the program, further expanding educational cooperation. VGR has actively participated in the development of national professional standards and maintains an ongoing dialog on educational topics with the Federal Institute for the Development of Education, Agency for Strategic Initiatives, BIBB, Deutsch-Russische Auslandshandelskammer and the Ministry of Education and Science of Kaluga Region .

Road Safety for Schoolchildren

At the start of each school year, from September to October, ŠKODA joins forces with its dealers in Russia to run ŠKODA Krokha, a nationwide road-safety project for children aged 7 to 10 years. The initiative which was started in 2011 includes information events presented in entertaining ways, plus an additional online element to teach children about the Highway Code and safe road behavior. In 2016 around 10 000 children from 32 cities in Russia attended classes and learnt about correct behavior in road situations as part of the project.

Other Projects

Fit for Work on the International Stage

On the regional level Volkswagen Group Russia is involved in the MOST project in Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, 400 kilometers (250 miles) from Moscow. The project is aimed at selected students seeking an international career and offers them educational and professional support over a 12-month period. The company initiated MOST in cooperation with the International Community Association of Nizhny Novgorod of which Volkswagen Group Rus is an active member jointly with the leading regional universities in 2014, and supports the project by organizing lectures by company managers, factory visits and work placements.

Volkswagen Group Rus' educational projects in cooperation with the Goethe Institut include scholarships granted by the company to the selected students. The programme was further extended in 2016 for the next three years. The focus group of Studienbruecke Deutschland project is highly motivated talented and active school students concentrating on science and technical subjects from Moscow and other regions in Russia with exemplary academic achievements and vision, who plan to continue education in German Universities. They receive a one-year German language and cross-cultural pre-university training and advisory support in parallel with regular school studies. In 2016 five graduates of the programme who had got preparatory training via Volkswagen scholarship successfully entered German Universities and will be getting their education in the applied fields. The project is on-going and supported by Volkswagen Group in Russia since 2012.

Support for Charitable Institutions

Volkswagen Group Rus supports a number of institutions and organizations committed to social welfare. One example is children’s hospice in St. Petersburg. 
Since 2010, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has been supporting the children’s hospice in St. Petersburg the first children’s hospice in Russia. The hospice was provided with two VW Multivans in the reported period for medical and other trips. Around 300 families made use of the assistance provided by doctors, nurses and psychologists both at homes and directly at the hospice with additional focus on improving quality of life for both the patients and their families.      

ŠKODA Auto Russia as part of Volkswagen Group Rus since 2011 continuously supports well-known international charity SOS Children’s Villages, currently with eleven ŠKODA Octavia and Yeti cars in different locations of charity’s presence on the territory of a large country to provide mobility needed. In 2016 children under the charity’s supervision were invited by the company to the Ice Hockey World Championship 2016 which took place in Russia and that was an unforgettable experience, for some being the first visit to Moscow.

For Christmas Volkswagen Group Rus employees from Moscow, Kaluga and Nizhny Novgorod traditionally pay visits and organize gifts or money donations for the orphanages and charities in the vicinity. In 2016 six institutions for children and charities were covered. In June the employees of the VGR factory in Kaluga spent a day at Kondrovo orphanage with sports program and master classes and talked about environmental issues with the children. In 2016 an initiative group of volunteers from the company’s Moscow office started a project with an orphanage in Kolomna, 100 kilometers from the capital. Throughout the year every month they visited 27 children bringing food products and other goods needed, books and presents, discussing various topics and organizing educational activities and games for the kids. 

Sport for a good cause / Young football and hockey professionals

Sports theme is continuously supported by the company in Russia and in 2016 involvement was expressed by supporting development of sport for the youth on the national level. Volkswagen and ŠKODA continued accordingly Volkswagen Junior Masters Cup and ŠKODA Junior Ice Hockey Cup projects in Russia, supporting and developing young talented players from all over the country and popularizing sport and healthy lifestyle.

Volkswagen Junior Masters Cup is run in Russia since 2006. National level winning team biannually represents the country at the international final competition. In 2015/2016 5 teams from Moscow and Moscow region totaling sixty-five 11-13 year old young football players competed to represent Russia at the VW Junior Masters World Cup in May 2016 in France. The project is on-going and will be run across Russia further on raising additional interest to sport generally and football in particularly among young sportsmen and future possible football stars.

Partnership and cooperation of ŠKODA in Russia with Russia’s Ice Hockey Federation and the Russian National Ice Hockey Team is extended to active support of youth sport in the country. ŠKODA Junior Ice Hockey Cup is a significant nation-wide project aiming at promoting children and youth sport. The games are organized at the professional venues, famous ice hockey players share their experience with the future professionals. In 2016 the winning team was invited by the company to the Ice Hockey World Championship 2016 which took place in Russia  
VW Commercial Vehicles has been cooperating with the Flag of Kindness charity foundation for more than 5 years in Russia. Every year, as well as in the reported period, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles supports the charity with its transport. The Cup of Kindness is a mini football cup organized across the country in the frames of the “Under the Flag of Kindness” charity campaign with 12 teams of well-known companies and enterprises, famous actors, musicians, singers and sportsmen competing in Moscow to raise money for charity purpose, namely for medical cure of seriously ill children.


Active membership in local business associations (AEB, AHK, ICANN)

AEB = Association of European Businesses in Russia
AHK = Deutsch-Russische Auslandshandelskammer
ICANN = International Community Association of Nizhny Novgorod

Volkswagen Group Russia is a permanent member of the Council for Professional Qualifications in the automotive industry by the Russian President’s National Council for Professional Qualifications (company experts are members of different Committees).