Our Objective – To Provide Sustainable Mobility

As one of the world’s largest industrial corporations, our Group bears a special social responsibility. We intend to put our creative powers to good use for the benefit of people and the environment. Every year we produce more than 10 million vehicles. This gives rise to positive effects such as new jobs, regional prosperity and individual opportunities for participation – but also to negative impacts such as emissions and resource consumption. In view of the growing trend toward digitalization, we will in the future be faced with new issues – for example, what we do with our customers’ data, how we ensure that they are secure and protected at all times, and what legal and ethical problems are raised by automated driving. It is our task to ensure responsible and efficient production, and to make mobility not only as safe, convenient and environmentally compatible as possible, but at the same time affordable for large numbers of people. After all, individual mobility remains a basic human need, and fulfilling this need is the main mission of our Group.

With its future program TOGETHER – Strategy 2025, the Volkswagen Group has launched the biggest change process in its history, laying the foundations for lasting success in tomorrow’s world of mobility and for its evolution into a globally leading provider of sustainable mobility.